About Me

I love food. I love wine. I love people. I named this blog After the Harvest because it is after we harvest from the garden and the vineyard that we sit down together to eat, drink and connect. That simple act of eating and drinking with friends, family and new acquaintances is purely what it's all about for me. The laughter, the conversation, the discovery of new tastes, and the appreciation for the ingredients on the plate and the wine in the glass are just some of my favourite things about sharing a meal with someone.

It is my aim with After the Harvest to share the stories about food and drink that focus on that connection, but also themes of health, travel and culture. I want to meet as many people as possible and talk to them about their earliest food memories, their favourite tastes, and the places in the world where they most like to eat, drink and connect, and what they're growing in their garden. I tend to focus on local, sustainable and mostly vegetarian food choices.

I grew up finishing every last bite at the dinner table and writing in my diary about family meals we enjoyed. I guess I always knew that food was a passion of mine, even at a young age while helping my mother bake, or as I grew up, experimenting with flavours in the kitchen with my father. From small town beginnings, I spent most of my adult years in Toronto, and it was there that I truly delved deep into the world of food and drink. From years working in hospitality to taking wine courses at George Brown College to learning from some amazing Chefs to working for one of the best food retailers out there, I immersed myself in everything food and drink related.

These days I work in non-profit during the day but I still enjoy sharing stories on After the Harvest and working on the creative projects that are born out of the blog. I look forward to many more years of eating, drinking and connecting, and also I plan to do more writing, cooking, gardening and traveling. Thank you for joining me on this journey!