Thursday, May 7, 2015

Terroir Symposium: Chefs, Conversation & Community

Imagine an event where you are able to enjoy some of the world's best food and with people who are as obsessed with it as you are, and where you can rub shoulders and clink glasses with some of Toronto's food elite, as well as accomplished chefs, sommeliers, food photographers, culinary tourists, food writers and more from all over the world. Then imagine you pack this all into one day and cap it all off with a wicked after party. Don't think about the hangover yet...

You don't have to imagine, as this event does exist, and it is called Terroir Symposium, and it is taking place on Monday, May 11th at the Arcadian Court in Toronto. Will you be there?

From the Terroir website,
Terroir Hospitality brings together innovative and creative influencers from the field of hospitality, including chefs, food and beverage experts, writers and business leaders. Our organization attracts people who are serious about the business of hospitality and who are looking to constantly develop and refine their careers. Terroir is a not-for-profit committee of industry professionals that put on an annual symposium that is about education, networking, sharing collective resources and building a community that helps to strengthen our industry.
Basically, if you're serious about food and you want to talk about it, eat it, and maybe even meet people who you can work with, you want to be at Terroir. It's a day of chefs, conversation, and community, where important food topics are discussed, ideas and connections are sparked, and bellies are happy. Don't get me wrong, it's not just about gluttony, although it's difficult to refrain from re-filling your plate throughout the day. Each year there is a theme, with this year's being "Pioneering Change: Crafting the Way We Eat". 

Check out this video which can tell you more, featuring three of my favourite people who are pioneering change in the food industry: Chef Jamie Kennedy, Joshna Maharaj, and Rebecca LeHeup.

So who are this "food elite" I'm referring to? Last  year I breathed the same air as the likes of David Chang, and Daniel Boulud, among countless others. I was a volunteer last year, and although I enjoyed running to and fro to do whatever needed to be done, I decided to attend this year and soak up as many of the talks and networking opportunities as possible.

Chef Daniel Boulud

This year I look forward to meeting many of the amazing speakers and food professionals they have lined up. To check out who's coming, click here.

They have also put together a dinner series in Toronto where traveling chefs will collaborate with the locals. I am unable to stay in town for any of these dinners, but if you are in Toronto, you should totally check them out. You can read about the dinners and events by clicking here.

A creative veggie display by the team at Ryerson Eats from last year's Terroir.

If you'd like to buy tickets to Terroir Symposium, click here. Maybe I'll see you there!

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