Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Gift Idea for the Food Lover in Your Life!

With our first snowfall today, I am reminded that the holidays are almost upon us!

Leading up to the holidays, I love to decorate my apartment, watch cheesy Christmas movies, and pour over magazines and blogs to see the creative and delicious recipes people are cooking up.

I also love choosing gifts for my family and friends! Whether you've only just begun or you're almost finished with your shopping, my coffee table book is an affordable choice for any food, wine and travel lover in your life! Filled with colourful photography, it's the perfect little "snack" to flip through when you're relaxing with your family over the holidays.

Simply click the image above to be redirected to my store, and I can ship you a copy or deliver it in person if you're local!

Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

Here's what people are saying about the book: 

 "To me, After the Harvest: Eat. Drink. Connect. felt like a big hug. The kind of book that you curl up with on the couch along with your warmest blanket and favourite tea. I found the anecdotes in the book to be vivid and poetic; each one left me with a smile."
 Elaine L., Ottawa, ON 

 "It is beautiful and very professionally done. I can't wait to spend more time savoring it. Heather writes very well, and the photography is inviting."
 Sue S., Rochester, NY 

 "I loved the book and its recipes and photos! Absolutely gorgeous. The book is wonderful and is still on my coffee table. Can't wait for the next book!"
 Wendy R., Mississauga, ON 

 "After the Harvest is a beautiful piece of sweet and salty life; it awakens your sense of romance, beauty, family, taste, color, adventure, and most importantly, food you not only want to eat, but you almost want to marry it, it's so desirable! I love this beautiful book so much I bought extra copies to give as gifts! Once you get your hands on this fabulous living work of art, you'll see what I mean!"
Kathleen H., Springfield, VA

About the Book: 

After the Harvest: Eat. Drink. Connect. is a coffee table book that combines original photos, fiction, travel writing, recipes, wine pairings and entertaining tips. Self-published, this passion project was inspired by my travels, the people I've had the good fortune to eat and drink with, and my family dining experiences.

 From my heart to your coffee table, I hope you enjoy this book.

 Eat. Drink. Connect.


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