Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Action Day: The Power of We

It's Blog Action Day! A day where millions of bloggers around the world unite and write about the same topic! The aim is to create awareness, provoke thought and incite social change.

I try to participate each year in Blog Action Day and this year's topic is The Power of We!  In 2010 the topic was water and in 2009 the topic was climate change and food.

How does this year's topic, "The Power of We" relate to After the Harvest? Recently I started having monthly Sunday Dinners at my place. For someone who has lived alone for most of my adult life, inviting people into my home on a regular basis meant I actually had to hide the pile of ironing I've been putting off for months, clean up the place and *gasp* share my home with other people around the table! Still with all of this on the horizon, I looked forward to it with anticipation.

The first dinner was a smashing success! Here are the happy Sunday diners:

Obviously I enjoy eating with others, or I wouldn't have dreamed up the concept for this blog, to "eat, drink and connect", but I'm sure some of you single-dwellers out there will agree, that it is so easy to get into a rut of eating alone night after night, in front of the television, reading your favourite book, or if you're like me, catching up on favourite podcasts. Usually when I eat, drink and connect it's at someone else's home or at a restaurant, so although doing so at my own home would be fun, I would have to stretch my single apartment dweller muscles and approach this idea with open arms.

The main reason for hosting Sunday Dinners was because I realized I was lacking a sense of community in my own home and I thought it might be a great way to focus less on me, and more on "we". This gives me a chance to see friends old and new, enjoy some great food (potluck -- I'm no Martha Stewart...) and simply connect. It's great to jump out of my routine once a month and I like the idea of a revolving cast of characters meeting and chatting over food and drink.

I guess you could say this whole idea speaks to "the power of we" -- the sense of community that is shared when you eat together. I've always believed food is a great equalizer, connector, peacemaking tool, icebreaker etc. I'm sure you can agree that food can take many forms in our lives, in addition to being a delicious meal on a plate.

I think what I'm trying to say here, is that food is always better when shared. When it comes to eating, drinking and connecting, "we" is so much more powerful than just "me". Without the "we" there would be no connecting.

Who are you sharing food with these days and how is it enriching your life? 

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