Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prince Edward County: Norman Hardie Winery

Lately I've been asking myself why I haven't toured more wineries, or wine regions for that matter, considering my passion for this nectar of life. 

I decided to start with Prince Edward County, since it was close to home and it would offer a great excuse for having a weekend away with my sisters. We started our day of winery-hopping with my first choice, Norman Hardie Winery. 

As soon as we entered the driveway and saw the sign, my Artist sister commented on its rustic, modern and beautiful design aesthetic. All three of us loved how this visual appeal was evident in everything from the wine glasses to the clipboard menus and wine barrel herb gardens. 

Once inside, we started with a tasting, and enjoyed the Riesling, the County Chardonnay and the County Pinot, picking up a few bottles for home. I especially enjoyed the Pinot...

We were tempted to buy some of the beautifully etched glasses and heck, let's be serious, we were tempted to buy a whole case of wine, but we had to pace ourselves and our wallets, and most importantly, there was hot pizza to be consumed in the outdoor kitchen that was calling our names. 

We made our way downstairs to enjoy some more wine and some equally delicious pizzas which were cooked with care in this amazing wood burning oven. Of the culinary experiences in life, I often enjoy the simple ones the most, which explains why this meal was one for the books. 

pizza + wine + outdoor setting + good people + sunshine = pretty close to perfect.

Artist sister chose the "cochon" pizza, featuring salami among other ingredients. A meat lover to the core, she thoroughly enjoyed every bite. 

Marketing Whiz sister opted for the quattro fromaggio with truffle oil. Many "oohs and ahhs" came from her side of the table while she enjoyed this pizza pie.

As for myself, I didn't have any problems enjoying my pizza of choice. I opted for the Margarita: classic, simple deliciousness.

In the short time we spent at Norman Hardie Winery, we enjoyed every sip and every bite, but it was the generous, down to earth hospitality provided by Norm himself that made our visit even more memorable. Here he is, personally welcoming you to his winery! 

Wine, Pizza and Music from After the Harvest on Vimeo.

Thank you, Norm, for your hospitality, your food, and of course, your stunning wines. I look forward to many more beautifully etched glasses of your wine in my future.


  1. I love that this video of Norm came out so authentically. Great music choice...and of course I'd ask Norm to be my PEC Concierge next time. If his wines and pizza are any indication of his recommendations I'm in! Great job Heather.

  2. Thanks, Andrea! Yes, I love how it was so impromptu but Norm was very willing to stop and chat on camera for a minute! It was such a great lunch experience -- definitely would love to go back and have a proper tour.