Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Food: A Gallery

Countdown Cupcakes via Tiny Brushstrokes via Martha Stewart

I love pomegranate seeds! Great with Prosecco for a holiday toast!

Dad's seafood pasta dish

Winter Quinoa Salad -- recipe here :)

Chocolate Beet Muffins via Credible Edibles

I am going to poach my salmon all the time now!

Salmon Pie via Tiny Brushstrokes via Emeril Lagasse

  • The muffins are scrumptious -- you can see the recipe here.
  • Which cupcake number would you eat? It was interesting to see which number each family member chose!
  • The salmon pie was good, however, we all agreed it could use some salt. Ideas: poach in miso broth or add curry, or add bacon...depending on your food choices!
What did YOU eat over the holidays?


  1. Cupcake #'s courtesy of 2 8 year olds!

  2. WOW ! sounds a scary exoerience Heather !!! Glad to hear you are fine and back to normal . Mary x x