Monday, September 5, 2011

Update on Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest!

Hello Everyone!

Wow, what a long, strange trip it's been! I hope you've all had a great summer filled with fabulous food and drink, and amazing people and experiences! I've been a bit absent from After the Harvest in the last month because I went on an amazing, phenomenal, life-changing trip to the magical island of Kauai, but I'm back now and ready to get back to all things After the Harvest. (Hawaii-inspired posts to come!)

I just wanted to say a few things about my upcoming film screening at the Mayfair Theatre.


First of all, I've recently been asked if this event is suitable for children. In a nutshell, the answer is YES. Having said that, I recommend these films for children ages 7+, (based on my analysis of my 7 year old nieces and their ability to understand food issues), but the event and the films are not specifically for children.

Basically what I'm saying is, I would love to see parents bringing their children to this event to start putting food issues on their radar; however some younger children may not grasp the content, and more importantly, may not want to sit still in a theatre for a few hours!

So, if you are worrying about paying a babysitter and you think your child is old enough to understand food-related topics and wouldn't mind sitting in a theatre for a little while, please bring them! The best part is, kids can attend for free!

I hope that clears things up. The films I'll be screening are really more for adults, but I would love to see the younger generation receiving education and getting inspired about food-related issues in our world.


I am so excited about the silent auction and grateful for all of the donors! (I even have a draw prize!) I have been able to amass a group of items that range in price so they're accessible, but some may also fetch a nice amount in support of Heifer International!

I must mention that the silent auction is going to have to be CASH ONLY. Because After the Harvest is not an official non-profit organization or business, I don't have a budget per se, therefore I don't have debit and credit capabilities.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the planning of this event thus far! I really look forward to seeing you all on the 24th for some food, films and fundraising!


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