Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest -- You Can Still Contribute!

Photo Credit: Geoff Clyne Photography

Thank you again to everyone who attended Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest on Saturday, September 24th! The event was a great success and I'm thisclose to announcing the total amount raised for Heifer International.

Before I raise the curtain on the fundraising results, I wanted to give you a chance to contribute! You can help me write a bigger cheque to Heifer International and help hungry people feed their families through sustainable solutions.

There are still 2 silent auction items that didn't go home with a lucky bidder, so if you missed the event (or if you don't live in Ottawa), now's your chance to bid on these items and help contribute to the cause!

Photo Credit: Heifer International

Did you know that when you give to Heifer International...

...$20 buys a flock of chickens for a family in need?
...$60 provides seedlings for fruit trees in a developing country?
...$30 gives the gift of honeybees; a source of income and nutrition?

If you'd like to make a bid on either of these items below, simply comment on this post AND click "Contact Me" on the left hand sidebar to send me your email address. If you're in Ottawa, we can meet up and exchange the item for cash, and if you're not in Ottawa (for coasters only), I'll mail them to you!

Or...if you'd like to make a donation to contribute to the proceeds of the event, click on Mr. Seed on the left hand side and you can donate through PayPal. Or you can donate to the Save-a-Seed campaign for Kew Gardens, simply indicate which project you are donating to in the notes!

It's like going back in time and being at the event!

Item #1: Hand-painted coasters
From: Tiny Brushstrokes
Value: $25
Starting Bid: $20

Note: Photo does not depict all words on coasters. These coasters say "elegant", "eclectic", "classic" and "vintage". A snazzy wordset on which to place your martini :)

Item #2: Gift certificate for a Classic Facial
From: Renu Massage Therapy & Spa
Value: $96
Starting Bid: $45

Bidding will close on Thursday, September 29th at 11:00 pm EST.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gratitude :)

Thank you to everyone who came out to Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest yesterday! Your support for After the Harvest and Heifer International is so valuable and highly appreciated!

I am tallying the results of how much money we raised and I will be sharing that information soon, as well as a full recap of the event with photos, but for now I wanted to express my gratitude to all who attended, volunteered, sponsored me, helped promote the event, and to everyone who gave their hard earned dollars in support of Heifer's great cause to fight world hunger with sustainable solutions. Also a little shout-out to the Mayfair staff :)

To show my gratitude, here's a little song courtesy of The Makepeace Brothers that I think expresses how I feel right now, for the support that was shown toward After the Harvest and also for those in need who will be helped tremendously by Heifer International :)

Stay tuned, and for those of you who are reading After the Harvest for the first time, WELCOME!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cultivate Sponsors: Cafe My House

Are you getting sick of all of this sponsor love yet? I'm not! I'm really grateful to all of my sponsors and it's been so encouraging having all of these local businesses show their support for Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest.

One of the first to sign on, Cafe My House is a bright and friendly vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant in the Bank and Alta Vista area of Ottawa. I stopped by earlier this summer for a delicious brunch and spent time getting to know Briana, the owner of Cafe My House.

She called it Cafe My House because it was important to her to have a place that felt like home, where vegans and non-vegans could dine together and enjoy a more plant-based culinary experience.

I enjoyed two cute little mini macrobiotic burgers with avocado, grilled potatoes and fresh fruit. A savoury way to start the day, this was a perfect sized meal and it went nicely with a refreshing spicy lemonade.

Spicy lemonade is only one of their creative vegan shakes and juices, and there is also a good selection of loose leaf tea available. With an active blog of their own and an incentive-based Grab and Go Lunch Menu, Cafe My House has a lot going on, but they still make sure to pause, smile and share some positive energy with their customers, even during the busy moments.

Thanks, Briana and team, for believing in my event and sharing your love of healthy, conscious food and how it connects us all.

Cafe My House
1729 Bank Street
(613) 733-0707

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cultivate Sponsors: PranaShanti Yoga Centre

When it comes to Yoga, I'm a beginner, but there was no better place for me to start learning than at PranaShanti Yoga Centre. Another one of my sponsors for Cultivate, PranaShanti offers over 80 yoga classes per week (all levels), yoga retreats, music and film events, yoga teacher training, a yoga boutique, an eco-friendly and sustainable environment, guest speakers from all over the world and more!

PranaShanti is also currently expanding to meet even more of the community's yoga and conscious living needs, as they are adding new rooms and even an infared sauna and a demo kitchen for cooking classes!

Check out their website for upcoming workshops, music events, yoga class schedules and more information about their new rooms and services! I send my gratitude to everyone at PranaShanti for their support of Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest.

PranaShanti Yoga Centre
52 Armstrong Street
(613) 761-9642

Cultivate Sponsors: Heatherlyone, Tiny Brushstrokes & Handmade by Fiona Sant

I love artists! I especially love them when they're my friends and family, and I love them even more when they donate to my event! Heatherlyone, Tiny Brushstrokes and Handmade by Fiona Sant are all contributors to the Cultivate silent auction, and for that I am so grateful! I think you will all love their handiwork.

Heatherlyone is my friend Heather Thorkelson, who, in addition to making beautiful jewelry, also makes awesome handbags and has just launched a life and business-coaching business called Reboot. After the Harvest readers, meet Heather. You'll be glad you did.

Tiny Brushstrokes is otherwise known as my talented sister Wendy, who creates contemporary personalized artwork for children, original paintings for the home and one of a kind gifts such as these hand-painted coasters pictured below. With an intense attention to detail and a creative vision all her own, Wendy is able to personalize and beautify your home with her handmade products. You can see more of her custom artwork like this colourful map painting here!

Speaking of Handmade, Fiona Sant is a local Artisan who creates handmade accessories with re-purposed yarns and vintage fabrics -- you may have seen her at Bluesfest, Folk Fest, Jazz Fest...you get the idea. Fiona brings her love for creativity into every item she creates, and when she's not knitting, she's raising funds and awareness for children in India through her project Change for India. Join her on Tuesday, October 11th at the Atomic Rooster at 7 pm to help her give back to the country that has her heart, and the children who need our help.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cultivate Sponsors: Dala

You know when music is so good it gives you chills? Well, that's how I feel about the talented Canadian songstresses named Dala. Not only do Sheila and Amanda make amazing music together, but they are also very generous! These lovely Juno-nominated ladies donated their entire CD catalog to the silent auction at Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest.

If you're not yet familiar with Dala, why not bid on their music at the event and become very familiar! To give you a taste, please enjoy these videos, including one of my favourite songs of theirs: Horses.

Thank you, Dala! P.S. Dala is amazing live, so be sure to stay tuned to their tour schedule, and if you want to read about what they eat while they're on the road, check this out!

P.P.S. Dala is playing a Christmas show at the NAC on Thursday, December 1st! Don't miss it!

Cultivate Sponsors: Siren Bakery, C.A. Paradis & Beau's All Natural Brewing Company

More sponsor love! So thankful to Siren Bakery, C.A. Paradis and Beau's All Natural Brewing Company for donating to my silent auction!

I haven't yet had the chance to sit down with Loreli of Siren Bakery, but my friend from The Lemon Kitchen provides a nice review of her granola, so please enjoy!

C.A. Paradis is your go-to store for culinary tools, products and decor -- whatever you're looking for to equip your kitchen, chances are they have it! They even have a wedding and gift registry if you're looking to tie the knot.

If you live in Ottawa, chances are you know about Beau's. Beau's All Natural Brewing Company is an amazing family-run, local and organic brewery that makes some pretty kickass beer. I love so many things about Beau's, one of which is their awesome retro branding, but they're also extremely charitable, and they're hosting Oktoberfest! If you haven't purchased tickets yet, you can do so by clicking here.

Cultivate Sponsors: Renu Massage Therapy & Spa

Before I even became a client of theirs, Renu Massage Therapy & Spa agreed to sponsor my Cultivate event. I was so amazed by their generosity, but after becoming a client, I realized that their generosity is a part of their way of doing business. It is a state of mind that extends from the owners to the staff, and eventually to the clients. My experiences at Renu have been relaxing, professional and positive, and I've felt really cared for and appreciated.

If you're looking for some amazing spa services, why not stop by Renu Massage Therapy & Spa? You deserve it.

Renu Massage Therapy & Spa
1432 Wellington Street West
Ottawa (613) 722-2929

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who is Heifer International?

Hey Everyone! With Cultivate around the corner, I thought I'd share a brief explanation of the charity it is supporting: Heifer International. In a nutshell, Heifer fights hunger and poverty by providing sustainable solutions. For example, instead of giving a family a bag of rice, they give them a goat, or they teach them organic farming solutions that they can pass on to their family and community members. I'll let Mr. Food Network Alton Brown explain further:

So I hope to see you at the Mayfair next Saturday to help me give back to this great organization! P.S. How cute is that baby goat?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cultivate Sponsors: Joe Mamma Cycles

Jose and I go way back. I'm talking chalkboards and recess, that's how far back we go. As long as I've known Jose Bray, he's either been on a skateboard or a bike, so it would make sense that he would someday open a bike shop. That is just what he did and his store Joe Mamma Cycles is supporting Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest with some great silent auction items.

Earlier in the summer Jose and I grabbed some lunch at Alex's Bread & Deli in the Glebe, where we talked about some of his food favourites and why he is supporting Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest.
  • Favourite Restaurant: Murray Street Kitchen Wine & Charcuterie
  • New Favourite Sandwich: Chicken Salad Sandwich from Alex's Bread & Deli
  • Favourite Spot to Eat: His backyard
  • Favourite Summer Cocktail: "There's nothing better than a plain 'ol margarita".
  • Signature Dish: "Ghetto Burritos" -- ground beef, salsa, onion and jalapeno. Cook that all together and put it on a tortilla with cheese. Put it in the oven "so it's all melty inside".

After enjoying our delicious sandwiches, Jose explained why he thought it was important to support my event: "Whether it's food or anything, you need to support local farmers, businesses, schools." Always a locally minded guy, Jose is so community minded that he was even featured on CBC's Neighbourhood Stories.

So for all your cycling, BMX and bike accessory needs, stop into Joe Mamma Cycles in the Glebe! Taking a cue from Jose, all the staff are fun and relaxed, and very knowledgeable about all things bike-related. Tell them I sent you ;)

767 Bank Street
(613) 564-0459

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cultivate Sponsors: Castlegarth

This post marks the first in a series I will be calling Cultivate Sponsors.

As you may have seen on Twitter, Facebook, posters around the city and of course, this blog, my first event, Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest is happening in 2 weeks on Saturday, September 24th at The Mayfair Theatre.

I would not have been able to secure this awesome venue without the help of the many generous sponsors who contributed to make this what I believe will be a great event.

The first of these wonderful sponsors is Castlegarth. Chef Matthew Brearley and his wife and partner Jenn Brearley were the first to sign on to help me put this event together, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Earlier this summer I stopped by Castlegarth in White Lake to thank them and snap a few photos of their restaurant and food shop.

You can learn more about Chef Brearley and Castlegarth on Good Food Revolution, where I shared my account of a visit to their farm and restaurant.

Castlegarth has an amazing special event happening next weekend, Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th where they will host Chef Francisco Alejandri of Agave y Aquacate in Toronto.

Chef Francisco will use the local ingredients grown at Castlegarth to create a delicious Mexican soul food menu paired with a Tequila tasting. For reservations, you can call (613)623-3472.

90 Burnstown Road
White Lake, Ontario
Located in the Ottawa Valley
Less than an hour west of Ottawa