Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest -- Official Poster!

Planning an event can be a very interesting experience! In my life thus far I've planned everything from weddings to trade shows to corporate shindigs, and now I get to host my very first blog-related event for charity! When I first decided to do this event, I had no idea that my community would be so generous and accepting, from sponsorships to silent auction donations and other helpful contributions. For all of that I am so grateful to everyone! Not only just the Ottawa community but also my friends in Toronto and even a friend in Los Angeles, the talented Artist who created this lovely event poster for Cultivate: A Mini Film Fest -- Jon Marro.

A man of many talents, Jon is perhaps best known for his work with Blend Apparel, but he is also a fixture in the Cafe Gratitude community and someone who often shares pearls of wisdom on Be Love Radio. I am humbled that Jon agreed to do this poster for me, and I hope you all enjoy it! Once September hits you will probably be seeing it in your Ottawa neighbourhood and I hope you all consider coming to the event to raise money and awareness for food-related issues!

A former manager of mine used to always say, "Just ask!" -- so that is what I did, and my community answered me with a resounding "Yes". I truly do love all of my sponsors and I look forward to telling you more about them in the coming months leading up to this event: their favourite foods, restaurants and reasons for supporting this event. I promise it will be fun to get to know these amazing folks!

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