Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Breakfast Smoothie

In an attempt to be as healthy as possible, I've decided to implement the morning green drink routine into my lifestyle. With inspiration from Fresh, Your Joyologist, and my recent viewing of Forks Over Knives, I figured it was about time I take the plunge. But, which green powder to choose? What is it actually going to do for me health-wise, and how bad is this green powder actually going to taste?

So, I took a trip to the Natural Food Pantry in my neighbourhood, talked to the friendly, knowledgeable staff there and picked up some good old fashioned Greens Plus. Once back home, I blended up a teaspoon of Greens Plus powder, a handful of strawberries, a few slices of kiwi, one ripe banana, a drizzle of honey and some almond milk. As I took the first sip I did notice the unfamiliar taste of the green powder that I am not used to, but for the most part it was a sweet, fruity and delicious green smoothie!

My intent is to try a bunch of different "green drink" recipes in order to find a few favourites that I can make every morning. The word on the street on green powder is that it automatically gives you all the greens and herbs you need on a daily basis, it provides many antioxidants and vitamins, helps your digestive and immune systems and also detoxifies the blood. I've also heard it gives you more energy and healthier, more glowing skin! The employee in the store said it's like eating three or four large green salads a day as far as getting your green nutrients.

So, bring it on, green powder! We are going to be friends :)

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