Tuesday, May 24, 2011

JBJ's Got Soul in his Kitchen

This one's for my sister, Andrea, and for all those Jon Bon Jovi lovers out there. Turns out Mr. Impossible Lips and Feathery Hair has opened up his own restaurant! We've all seen stars who venture into the world of hospitality, but I think Jon's got a good thing going with his Soul Kitchen.

Soul Kitchen from Soul Kitchen on Vimeo.

Operating on a pay what you can, by donation policy, The JBJ Soul Foundation's Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant isn't your average celebrity-endorsed eatery. While not the first to adopt this model, JBJ's Soul Kitchen joins the many community kitchens that exist all around the world. Part soup kitchen, part restaurant, "all are welcome" at Soul Kitchen's table and everyone who dines there does their part to fight hunger in New Jersey.

With a motto of "Hope is Delicious" and a Manifesto with tenets such as "all are welcome at our table", "When there is love, there is plenty" and "Happy are the hands that feed", Soul Kitchen is just one of JBJ's charitable endeavours through his foundation. Now that gives love a good name.


  1. If only this were news to me...but then I wouldn't be a true JBJ fan.
    Thanks for the shout-out - isn't he wonderful?

  2. Haha, well, I probably could not say that I am a true JBJ fan, since I didn't know about his fundation, but I like his music, and I knew he was good with people... but THIS has put a smile upon my face! Thanks, Heather!