Sunday, May 15, 2011

ATH Projects Update!

As this blog has evolved over the few short years it's existed in the blogosphere, I decided to start After the Harvest Projects. I wanted to be able to make positive change by helping to spread awareness for food-related causes. My plan is and was to do what I could to support these causes, and to hope that I could encourage all of you to help me! Recently I've made a decision about Project #1, and Project #2 is also in the works!

Project #1: SAVE A SEED:

Project #1's original goal was to raise 3000 British Pounds (roughly $4700 Canadian Dollars) to save an entire seed species. Although I still hope and dream for this project to reach its goal, I also understand that times are tough in today's economy, and often many of us are donating to many different charities, so sometimes we need to draw the line somewhere.

Having said that, I'd like to create a short term goal for this project to raise $160!

So far some very generous souls have helped me raise $75, so all we need to hit $160 is a mere $85!

Please consider helping this cause, and I will send Kew Gardens a cheque in the mail on behalf of After the Harvest and friends!

By raising $160 Canadian Dollars, we will have done our part to adopt 4 seeds, which will help Kew Gardens to continue to do their good work to save entire seed species. Every little bit helps!

To donate, click on Mr. Seed in the left hand sidebar. All payments are secure through PayPal.

Please consider helping me reach this goal. If you need more info or would like a bit of inspiration, check out this video:

Project #2 recently came to me after an interaction with a new Twitter friend. Plans are slowly forming for this project, but for now I will only say that it is going to be After the Harvest's first official event, and I am very excited about it!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for considering lending your support. Stay tuned for more news about Project #2!


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