Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Love for the Baristas out there...

Photo Credit: Dogmilque on Flickr

Hey there rainy day lovers! I bet many of you stopped off for a nice hot beverage this morning on your resented commute into work after the long weekend. What did you order? Americano? Soy vanilla latte? Extra hot skinny cappuccino? Whatever it was, I'm sure it was good and helped you kick-start your day.

It's rainy days like this that make me think back to my brief stint as a barista. Whether it was in the loved and loathed organic chain grocer, or at the charming local cafe, I learned a lot of drinks and grinded a lot of beans. Mostly, though, I learned a lot about people.

Whether it was the extremely particular lady who always ordered what was, essentially, a cup of soy foam; the quiet and dashing double espresso guy or the latte dude who always asked for a spoon; making drinks for these people actually gave me a window to their soul, if only for a moment.

Real connections can be made over a coffee counter. I said it, and I believe it. More so with regulars, of course, but you never know what kind of conversation you'll strike up with Mrs. Matcha Latte or Mr. Macchiato.

Next time you order your coffee, look up and give your barista some love -- in the form of a smile, a bit of small talk, or even (gasp!) a tip. They work hard perfecting that latte art, learning those single origin coffees and burning their fingertips on foaming wands.

I just felt like giving a little virtual hug to all the baristas out there. Getting the perfect crema isn't an easy thing to do, but showing love to the person making your drink sure is.

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