Saturday, March 19, 2011

Save-A-Seed Update!

Image by: Jackson Nash

Hello everyone, and Happy Saturday! It is a beautiful, sunny day here in Ottawa, and I'm beginning to see more and more of my patio each day as the snow is melting away. Can't wait to grow some things on that patio!

Speaking of growing things, I thought I'd give you a little update on my Save-A-Seed Project here at After the Harvest. The first of many charitable projects I hope to establish through this blog, the Save-A-Seed Project will help save an entire seed species through the work of the good people at Kew Gardens.

Thanks to those of you who showed generosity towards the cause on my birthday, my total so far is now $75!! Still a long way to $3000, but well on its way!

Please consider helping me with this cause -- think of it as my "run for the cure", only this time, the cure is saving the world's seeds!

Many thanks and a happy weekend to you all!


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  1. Update #2! It's a year later and I'd like to get the total to $120 -- which will equal enough money to save 3 seeds. Ok, maybe it's not an entire seed species, but it's something! Please consider helping me complete this project :) Thank you!