Monday, January 31, 2011

Grow Slow Community Gardening

I just got back from my first meeting with the Grow Slow group, a community gardening group in my neighbourhood. Approximately 10 people were in attendance, all coming to the group with different goals, agendas, expectations, intentions and plans! In the end, we all just want to dig in the dirt, grow some food and share, not only with each other, but also landowners and others in the community.

Last year there were 3 gardens tended to in the yards or lots belonging to people in the community, and 15 gardeners were involved. Much was planted, weeded, harvested and learned, and now we're back for another year! This year will be my first year actually joining the work in the gardens, last year I simply wrote about their experiences.

Over cups of tea and delicious muffins, we mapped out a year's worth of preliminary plans and each contributed ideas and goals that we wish to see come to fruition by the time the winter solstice comes along in December. It was a group made up of both novice and very experienced gardeners, enthusiastic environmentalists and food lovers, and community-minded individuals.

I committed to sharing as much as possible about the process on the various blogs I'm involved with; trying to create connections with local artists in the neighbourhood to create more community around the gardening projects; and connecting with another local food group to see about working together.

The quote, "earth care, people care, fair share" came to my mind tonight while we were brainstorming, so thank you, Jackson and Jenni for sharing that quote -- I think it encapsulates beautifully what we're trying to do with our community gardening endeavours in Grow Slow.

An Introduction to Permaculture from Jenni Rempel on Vimeo.

Looking forward to getting some dirt under my nails,



  1. I wonder if there is a community garden in my neighbourhood...I would love to get involved!

  2. Yay, Leslie! You should totally check it out! Lookey what I found:

  3. Heather! What an awesome project! I am so happy for you!
    Thinking of next summer, I am so excited too! Gardening on my balcony and at ZO, and getting more and more involved with the Permaculture Community of Montreal: it sounds like we'll both have tons of fun doing things that feels healthy! :)

    Looking forward to read more about Grow Slow!
    Cheers and love!