Sunday, January 23, 2011

David Suzuki's Sustainable Seafood Picks!

Doesn't David Suzuki look so cute in cartoon form? Playful graphics aside, the message on his latest download is something pretty important! This handy guide will help consumers make the most environmentally sustainable fish-buying decisions possible. Slightly different than the Sea Choice guide, Suzuki's guide drills it down to the 10 best choices, and it also explains the rationale behind each choice.

Many of us are new to asking our local fishmonger where the fish in his display case is from or how it was caught, and to be honest, in some large grocery stores, staff members are often not aware of the answers. However, the least you can do is ask, and in lieu of an answer, look for labels or bring one of these guides with you to the store!

Even the famous fishmongers of Pike Place Market in Seattle have recently made a commitment to only sustainable choices!

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