Monday, December 20, 2010

Stovetop Popcorn

"You don't have a microwave?" is a question I often find myself answering. Above reheating leftovers, a microwave has become quite commonplace for making popcorn. However, the old-school stovetop way of making popcorn still works, and I'm not talking about Jiffy Pop.

This method is so simple I laughed at myself when the thought of posting about it entered my mind, but here goes! Whether you're snacking on it or stringing it on dental floss for your Christmas tree, stovetop popcorn is awesome!

Step One: Fill a pot with oil, just enough to coat the bottom surface of the pot. I always use olive oil, but you can use any type of oil you like.

Step Two: Cover the oil with popcorn kernels.

Step Three: Turn the element on to medium-high (6 or 7 on the dial), and hold the top down until you start to hear popping. If you don't hold it down, it could fly off!

Step Four: When the popping party really gets going, lift the top a little bit, to let some air escape. This will prevent burning.

Step Five: Just before the popping slows down, remove the pot from the heat and you're ready to serve! If you keep the pot on the heat until the popping ceases, the kernels on the bottom will burn. Nobody likes burnt popcorn smell! It really permeates a space...

Step Six: Dress your popcorn!! I drizzle more olive oil and throw some sea salt on, but you can also use Parmesan cheese, thyme, curry powder, chilies or even sweet toppers such as cinnamon and brown sugar, or even peanut butter!

Alas, my dirty little snacking secret is out. I enjoyed mine while watching extremely cheesy Christmas movies.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. I don't have a microwave either! And popcorn is my favourite snack, it's I was going to do a popcorn blog soon too!

    Wild with the peanut butter, I should try it!

  2. Nothing beats the taste of making popcorn old-school! Deelish!

  3. Ok...the peanut butter popcorn is one of the best things ever! Do try!

  4. I thought I was the only person without a microwave! lol Isn't stove popped popcorn the best? We love it. I've never tried olive oil...we use kosher salt and butter. Olive oil sounds healthier. Thanks. :)