Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ottawa Foodie Challenge: A Gallery

We survived the Ottawa Foodie Challenge! Although we got a bit of a late start, Team After the Harvest completed 20 of the 40 tasks on the list, and had a great time visiting some of Ottawa's culinary destinations. Although I'm pretty positive we won't win, we felt good knowing that we were contributing to The Ottawa Food Bank and enjoying a fun father-daughter day! Here are a few highlights from this photographic scavenger hunt:

My Price is Right moment with the Buffalo Mozzerella

Red Apron x 2

Barefoot with Barefoot Wine

I love golden beets!

Our Movember portrait with Foodieprints

Congrats to the Ottawa Foodie Challenge team for organizing this fun event! To see the complete list of scavenger hunt items click here, and don't forget to check their blog to see who the winners were!

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