Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 Questions with Joyologist Tricia Huffman

Tricia Huffman

Last month while attending the Jason Mraz concert here in Ottawa, I was pleasantly surprised to meet his Joyologist, Tricia Huffman. Tricia is an inspiring person who dedicates her life to serving others, and she also has quite a vast knowledge of raw foods, yoga and for lack of a better term, life coaching. Most recently, Tricia has begun offering her services as a Joyologist to everyone, through her website: Your Joyologist.

What is a Joyologist, you ask? And what does it have to do with food? Part of Tricia's job for a musician on the road includes creating a peaceful space that feels like home, but she also is responsible for providing healthy food for the band and crew. In addition to Mraz, she's also worked with Colbie Caillat and many others in the entertainment business. I thought I'd let Tricia tell you a bit more about her role as a Joyologist, so I invited her to answer 5 Questions for After the Harvest. (Ok, so it turned into more than just 5 Questions...)

After the Harvest (ATH): Tell me a little bit about your experiences cooking and preparing food for musicians on the road.

Tricia Huffman (TH): Making healthful meals for the musicians I tour with is part of my joyology package because I believe that food is medicine. What we put into our bodies greatly effects our attitudes, energy, really everything! Food has the power to heal! While being on the road I get really creative as somedays I am working out of my hotel room, somedays the tour bus and somedays I have my full kitchen roadcase setup and my own dressing room. I carry a stock of dry items with me and superfoods, but I send out a list for the venues to pick from for the fresh items. This way I actually get fresh, local ingredients. So, most days I have no idea what I am going to get and I just make it up with what they give me.

Backstage Setup

ATH: How did you come up with the title, "Joyologist"?

TH: I didn't! Our production Manager on tour with Jason Mraz called me that last year and it stuck! I just started doing these things without giving it a name, I was just being me, really, and Jason was calling me vibe counselor. Then ET said, "So, Tricia's the Joyologist", and that was it. They put it in the tour book like that and I took it on.

ATH: How has eating raw foods improved your life?

TH: I love food! and in eating raw food I get to feel great, even when I overeat, but honestly I get more fulfilled on raw foods, so it is actually hard for me to overeat. The food is so clean and only contains nutrients that my body wants so I feel satisfied without needing to keep eating and keep eating just because it tastes good...but when I do, it is a different type of full. I stopped eating gluten 6+ years ago to help with my fibromyalgia symptoms and pretty much all raw food is wheat free!

Photo Credit: Pamela Corey

ATH: Are there any superfoods or supplements that you would recommend?

TH: I actually don't take too many supplements. I do swear by E3Live, a wild blue green algae, it is amazing for so many things. For me it helps my joint aches and brings a form of aliveness I really can't describe...just get it! I also take magnesium capsules. I don't go anywhere without Vitamineral Greens -- even when I am eating tons of greens, this powder is just so full of everything amazing and the creator Jameth is seriously a mad scientist that doesn't stop. Cacao, maca, coconut oil are also key items in my life and KALE!!! Also hemp seeds!

ATH: I often think about going vegetarian or vegan, but one thing I would miss so much would be cheese! What are some dairy alternatives that you know about?

TH: There are some great vegan cheeses now, like Daiya vegan cheese and Follow Your Heart brand cheeses, both of these you can melt too. But, I try to not to use those often because they are heavy in soy. I make a lot of cheeze-like raw items. For me the feeling of not eating cheese of even the soy cheeses is much better than the comfort of cheese. I make a Parmesan cheese out of Brazil nuts, garlic and salt and I add nutritional yeast (high in B vitamins) to lots of dishes for a cheezy flavor. Cashews, pine nuts and macadamia nuts are all great for making cheeses. Dr. Cow makes amazing Tree Nut cheeses too. There are really a lot of options.

Photo Credit: Pamela Corey

ATH: Do you have any favourite wines?

TH: I basically just love wine period. haha. I don't often remember my favorites and I just love to try new ones! I do have a current obsession with Malbec and this summer I was on a Rose kick. I am not above the good ole Trader Joe's two buck chuck and of course Our Daily Red organic sulfite-free is a fave.

ATH: It's been said many times that there is a connection between food and mood. What are some of your favourite mood-boosting foods?

TH: Cacao! The purest form of chocolate! Green juice, green shake with vitamineral greens, maca, coconut water & more. Kale salad. Yerba Mate tea. My list can go on and on.....

Coconut Water

ATH: What's coming up next for you?

TH: I am currently writing my first book, which will be a biographic story of my life, focusing on the way that I have chosen to live it. I am also actively pitching my own TV show, as well as being open for other possibilities that align with my heart and my visions. I am loving my new home city of NYC and loving the adventure that each day brings.

Many thanks to Tricia for sharing her time and information with After the Harvest! Make sure to check out Your Joyologist when you get a chance -- Tricia is always sharing delicious, healthy recipes!
*All photos courtesy of Tricia Huffman or Pamela Corey


  1. tricia rocks! thanks for spotlighting her amazingness!

  2. Wow. thank you for all of those links, Heather! Great job! Now the question is: will I find these products here in Montreal? Huummm! But anyway, I've just been inspired to just try anything!

    The best luck to Tricia for her TV show! I feel that I'll love it! :)