Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stella Osteria hosts Puglia, Italy

Stella Osteria was the chosen restaurant for a recent Puglian themed dinner featuring the wines of Tormaresca. Bloggers were seated all in a row, amidst culinary television personalities, writers and food and wine enthusiasts.

Thanks again to Antonio Mauriello of DiVino Wine Studio, we all had another chance to explore the wines of Puglia, Italy.

Francesco Domini

Our guide for the evening was Francesco Domini of Tormaresca. Over the chatty restaurant behind him, Francesco thoughtfully presented his wines to all of us, giving us more background information on Tormaresca and the region of Puglia. The courses prepared by the team at Stella paired quite nicely with the wines, and we got to enjoy some authentic olive oil also made by Tormaresca.

Good times were had, plates were cleaned and photos were snapped, all while enjoying the wines of Tormaresca. Thanks again to Antonio and Larissa of DiVino!

Have you tried a Puglian wine yet?

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  1. Hello! I like your blog! I'm an Italian living in Toronto, and I write about Italian food as well as Italian stereotypes, and my life in North America. Drop by if you have time.
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