Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest Post: Dog Daze of Summer

I don't often have guest bloggers on After the Harvest, but sometimes it's nice to make an exception. Ryan English is a Toronto-based artist and journalist, coveter of food, music, wine and anything else that facilitates short-cut pleasure. Missing the summer? Ryan's got your back.

The dog days of summer, that old adage, denotes the rogue breath of summer that either curses or elates us, depending on your disposition.

If you were in Ontario this past summer you’d have witnessed temperatures that flirted with 50 degrees Celsius – those days were not rogue at all, in fact they were common.

Hot temperatures translate to good grapes with predictions of notable vintages coming from top-artisans across the province.

L to R: Andrew Hunter -- Buddha Dog, Catherine Langlois -- Sandbanks Winery, Chef Jamie Kennedy

On Saturday, August 28th Sandbanks Winery hosted a fete with Jamie Kennedy and Buddha Dog in its backyard to bid summer adieu on one of the hottest days of the season.

The winery is located on six acres of land just east of the township of Wellington in Prince Edward County. Owner Catherine Langlois compensated me with the heel of a bottle of their pinot noir for covering the event – it pays to write about food.

Kennedy served his seminal frites with apple cider mayonnaise, an alternative to the non-local lemon that’s traditionally punctuated this dish. He also served up a burger with his team that would send any hipster burger boutique in the city with one fell swoop to its proverbial grave.

Andrew Hunter of Buddha Dog dished out his signature hot dogs in a vintage bus parked sideways on the lawn replete with a chalkboard that boasted: I Heart the County.

I Heart the County, indeed.

Many thanks to Ryan and Robert for covering this fun local food event!
*All Photos by Robert Kennedy

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  1. Heather! I'm so glad you have this post! Everyone should get a chance to experience the fabulousness that is my home town! Buddha dog is one of my favourite places in The County for lunch - aside from my friend Graham's place, Chesterfield's Cafe (sorry - had to rep Graham there). Dave and I went home with a few friends earlier this month and harvested at By Chadsey's Cairns. Next year you should definitely come along :)