Thursday, October 21, 2010

Environmental Food Pyramid

The folks over at Barilla Food and Nutrition Center have come up with a new double food pyramid! Now I'm sure we are all familiar with many versions of the food pyramid, either from the Canada Food Guide over the years, or a similar diagram in the USA or your home country, but this one explains food on a whole new level:

In a nutshell, this new pyramid illustrates that the same foods you should be eating in larger quantities, also have a lower environmental impact! Therefore, this equals good health for you, and good health for the environment! What a win-win situation. The criteria was split between water consumption, land use and carbon footprint when calculating the cost of certain foods on the environment. You can read much more detailed information here.

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  1. This is really cool - I have never seen it before. Where have I been?

    Laura at The Mindful Merchant had a link to you and I'm happy to visit. Anyone who likes food and wine as much as I do has to be someone I would want to visit!