Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feast of Fields Ottawa 2010

This past weekend I attended this year's Feast of Fields. Having thoroughly enjoyed it last year, I had been looking forward to this event for some time. Although I try to focus on the positive on After the Harvest, I must share that I was quite disappointed with this year's Feast of Fields. Although the food was still delicious (and of course that is the main attraction), many aspects of the event were lacking this year, even with their newfound corporate sponsorship. I will still share with you the lovely local food I enjoyed, and hope that next year this event will bounce back and once again be an unforgettable local food experience.

Plate #1:

Zen Kitchen/Roots and Shoots Farm: Mini-Zen burger with peach habanera BBQ sauce and tequila tomatillo salsa on a rosetta bun with root vegetable chips

The Table Vegetarian Restaurant/Appleseed Farm: Vegetable fritters with onion ginger relish, green salad

The smiley folks of Zen Kitchen

Plate #2:

Holiday Inn Kanata/Saffire Farms: Saffire farms organic gazpacho shot with fresh garden sage oil served with a black truffle and white cheddar crostini

Epicuria/Bryson Farms: Heirloom tomato salad with roasted corn and feta (Ferme Floralpe) fingerling potato salad with smoked trout (Les Fumets Sylvestre), arugula and marigold buds

The Green Door/Rainbow Heritage Garden: Raw red kale salad with oriental dressings, a stir fry of multi varietal zucchini medallions with fresh herbs and heirloom black tomato, and panch puran potato salad.

Benny's Bistro/Greta's Organic Gardens: Summer Vegetable Stew with Orca Beans

After consuming two plates, I made my way to sample the mushroom soup from Les Fougeres that everyone was raving about and to sample a taste from The Branch Restaurant.

Les Fougeres/Champignons Le Coprin: Mushroom soup garnished with sauteed assorted mushrooms, homemade porcini oil and fresh thyme

The Branch/Aubin Farms: Aubin Farms braised lamb and wild grape leaf dolmades served with smoked tomato sauce

Chef Bruce Enloe

After reading through the brochure from The Branch, this place seems right up my alley, so I look forward to making the trek to Kemptville to experience Chef Enloe's local cuisine and down to earth atmosphere.

I topped off my meal with a tasty orange hazelnut cookie from B.Goods Bakery and was pleasantly surprised to notice (after checking out the website) that I had eaten a completely vegan, organic dessert! Healthy and delicious!

In the end, I enjoyed the local ingredients and culinary talents of my city once again at Feast of Fields, but I do hope this event resembles last year's version in 2011! Thanks to all of the Farmer-Chef teams and food suppliers for all their hard work!

Locally yours,


  1. The Branch is owned/run by friends of ours!

  2. yep, this year's event was a little lackluster compared to year's past... too bad as we farmers put a lot of work into being there..... check out my perspective: http://ruralrainbowramblings.blogspot.com/2010/09/feast-of-fields-2010.html

  3. I wish that I would have known about this...would have loved to attend!! I'll have to keep my eyes open for next year.

  4. Yeah! This seems so rad! This is totally the kind of event I would have enjoy to attend to! Thanks for sharing this, Heather! I'll try to keep it in mind for next year though! The red Kale salad... and, oh! that vegan organic cookie simply look so yummy! :)