Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fresh Obsessed

You may recall my earlier post about a lunch I had at Fresh in Toronto a while back. On my most recent trip I couldn't resist returning to this healthy haven for a quick bite. I was between food samples at the Conscious Food Festival and beers on the patio with friends so I thought it might be a wise idea to fill my belly with something healthy and refreshing. (More on the Conscious Food Festival to come...)

This time my service was quite prompt so I'd like to dispel the myth I created in my prior post that there is often a long wait. Service was friendly although uninformed about how much of their product is local. I do plan on contacting Fresh to find out the answer to that question so I'll keep you updated!

The Tangled Thai salad was calling my name but I wasn't in the mood for a peanut dressing so I opted for my fave, the Green Dressing. On a hot and humid day there was no question about what to drink: Watermelon Lemonade. To say that this beverage was refreshing or thirst quenching would be an understatement. It redefines thirst quenching.

With no future Toronto trip in sight, I opted to drop some cash on the refresh cookbook, and I am so happy I did! I am sure many of these recipes will enhance not only my kitchen repertoire but also my health! Cheers to that :)

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