Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Conscious Food Festival 2010: A Glimpse

A few weekends ago I attended the first ever Conscious Food Festival in Toronto. It was held at Historic Fort York and it was created to highlight local, sustainable, and therefore more conscious food choices. If you've been reading After the Harvest you probably already know that I fully support this mandate, so attending this event was a no-brainer. I do like to focus on the positive though so that is what I will do in my account of this event, keeping in mind I was only there for a few hours. One thing I will mention is that it would have been great to have a programming schedule in advance of the event to know what to expect.

Upon entering the grassy grounds, I was treated to a lovely bite of bruschetta courtesy of Chef Rodney Bowers. Not only was it tasty and perfectly bite-sized, but it was paired expertly with some Stevie Nicks tunes from Chef Rodney's iPod.

I then sampled some wine from Southbrook Vineyards and went on my way to explore. I quickly spotted the lovely Angela from iYellow Wine Club and decided to have a seat on the lawn for her seminar about "green wine". Ange proceeded to lead us through a tasting of Malivoire's 2008 Chardonnay and 2009 Gamay, of which I enjoyed both, especially the Gamay. It was good to learn a few quick facts about Malivoire, and it definitely makes me want to visit to see Martin Malivoire's sustainably built winery and gravity influenced winemaking process.

My sister and I enjoyed many more food and beverage samples that day, as you will see by the photos below.

I loved the energy from the young food enthusiasts manning the Leslieville Cheese booth and the pretty display and equally lovely gazpacho at the Marben booth.

I always enjoy a nice bite of Fifth Town Cheese and what better to wash it down with than some Waupoos Cider?

My sister enjoyed her first Buddha Dog, complimented by a wild leek aioli.

My favourite wine of the day was the Gewurtztraminer from Ravine Vineyard, a winery I have heard is a must-visit in the Niagara area.

In the end this event left my belly full, my taste buds satisfied and even my ears pleased by the harmonic, humourous stylings of Fine Grind, a travelling acapella group that really added to the event!

I have to be honest and say that based on my glimpse, The Conscious Food Festival has a ways to go before it competes with an event like Feast of Fields, but it is their first year and as I said, I was only there for a few hours. I applaud the organizers for their efforts in the conscious food fight!


  1. There seems to be something wrong with the event website, but check that link later if you'd like to see more info!

  2. Heather, every time I check After the Harvest in the morning I become insanely hungry :) Thank you!

  3. Oh ! I bought the Malivoire Gamay this weekend. Can't wait to try it :-)

  4. I forgot how much I love Southbrook Framboise. So delicous. I agree with Patricia the posts & photos make me hungry too.:)