Friday, July 9, 2010

Less Talk, More Action!

If you know me personally you would be very aware that the phrase "less talk" doesn't really apply. However, I've decided to put the phrase "more action" into place and not just blog about food issues, but work towards changing them!

Last night marked my first meeting as a volunteer food policy writer for a project called Food for All, which is being organized by Just Food and The University of Ottawa. The lovely Erin of Just Food led our team in a description of what lies ahead as we band together to help change food systems in the city of Ottawa.

In total, there are around 10 different policy-writing teams, all comprised of concerned Ottawa citizens who wish to work towards a different, more sustainable, more equitable food system in our city.

The teams are working on:

  • Community Gardens, Land and Soil
  • Edible Landscape, Working with Private Institutions, City and NCC
  • Urban Livestock
  • Access to Food: Businesses, Getting People to Food and Food to People, Public Institutions
  • Income and the Cost of Eating (Research Group)
  • Food Education and Awareness
  • Emergency Food
  • Community Food Programs
  • Community Food Programs in Our Schools
  • School Boards and Food Issues in Schools
  • Food in Schools and the Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Market Food Production.

My team is working on Access to Food. This involves: "policies targeted towards facilitating access to healthy food in all of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods. This will include zoning regulations around concentration and type of food businesses in hospitals and school zones; incentives to encourage food stores to stock healthy and where possible, locally sourced foods; encouraging healthy foods in mobile food markets and food carts; supporting the development of farm-gate sales in the City and farmers’ markets, particularly in underserved areas."

I am so energized to be actually doing something to help change the food systems in my city! What are you doing in your city?


  1. Okay.

    First, you got all my admiration for doing this. Volunteering is so easy to do yet so hard to get to. So a big round of applause for you.

    Second. I work at the University of Ottawa and how the hell did I not hear about this. It sounds like a great project so drop me a line whenever.

  2. Thanks, Marc-Andre! I am sending you an email right now :)

  3. Heather! A big cheer! You so well represent our country!
    I am actually looking for a job, and I hope I can find one in environment, food issues or a help organism, to join my forces for a change!
    You are a great source of inspiration, dear!