Friday, July 30, 2010

The Hoof Cafe: Tongue for Lunch

Some of my male readers have asked me to write more posts about meat and beer. So I thought I'd share a tale of tongue with the carnivorous males out there! While I was in Toronto recently I got a recommendation to have lunch at The Hoof Cafe. Since I was already in the neighbourhood, I thought why not? There has been so much buzz about The Black Hoof, so naturally, its sister cafe had to be good.

As you may know from reading After the Harvest, I'm not a huge meat eater, but from time to time I enjoy a salty meat snack (stop snickering), preferably grass-fed or naturally raised of course. (I'm not sure where the owners source their meat from, but that would be good to know.)

Definitely part of the offal movement, The Hoof Cafe has many items on the menu that come from every inch of the animal. I decided on the tongue grilled cheese. I was so hungry I forgot to ask if it was beef or pork, but after biting into the cheesy, salty and tasty goodness, I didn't really care. Served with a few cornichons and a cuter than cute Hoof Cafe pickle skewer, this sandwich was delicious, even if it was a bit filling and messy to eat. Even worse I was chowing down in front of the attractive waitstaff.

Speaking of great service, that's what it was. Perhaps because one of the lovely servers was a former colleague from my JK days, but both servers seemed to be quite friendly and helpful to everyone who was lunching that day.

I washed down my decadent sandwich with a nice glass of Ravine Meritage, and enjoyed the rustic, relaxing atmosphere while sitting at the bar. I don't normally do reviews, but this lunch was just what I needed on my busy day of flitting around my former home city. In the end if I wasn't so full, I would have tried the lovely dessert I was eyeing on the counter.

And had I not been in the mood for a glass of red, I probably would have tried the Hoof Caesar; the server made about 5 of them while I was there so they must be popular!

The verdict? I would go back, but perhaps for a leisurely brunch complete with a Hoof Caesar. I've heard great things about Jen Agg's cocktails so I'm tempted to head across the street to The Black Hoof next time I'm in town.

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