Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Back on Coffee...

Photo Credit: Flickr user yelalaily

Maybe it's because I recently re-joined the ranks of the nine to fivers, or maybe it's because there's a Bridgehead five minutes away from my humble abode -- whatever the reason, I'm back to drinking coffee.

I still drink tea way more than coffee and I have definitely cut back on coffee consumption since I first started this no-coffee experiment, but nonetheless, I'm back to imbibing the chocolatey nectar. I think it might be the taste that beckoned me back. It was either that or the full pot of coffee that's ready every morning as I enter the lunchroom at work to put my salad in the fridge.

I think my first housewarming gift to my new workplace will definitely be some Bridgehead coffee, not that the coffee they serve doesn't taste good, but it's that other type of coffee that Raj Patel alluded to...

I still believe it's a better practice to drink more tea than coffee and I must say, I am more alert in the mornings now that I don't need a coffee to start my day. However, after a tasty dinner or at a meeting between friends or colleagues, I must admit it's nice to have a steaming cup of joe.

So raise your espresso cups and join me in a toast to balance in beverage consumption and the smooth, rich taste of a beautiful, organic, fairly traded cup of coffee.


  1. Like tea I think there's something very ceremonial about coffee (not to sound too silly). People always talk about 'going to have coffee' not 'going to have tea'. It's hard to resist its allure! Like you said there's something so wonderful about a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

    I tried cutting out caffeine entirely and got through 8 days before I caved. Then I tried drinking only green tea, but now I'm back to 1-2 cups a day of coffee.

    I liked reading your descriptions of each tea in your other post! Very informative. I need to drink more for sure. I mean, the Brits rely on tea to fix anything! :)

  2. I think I have quit drinking coffee about 8 to 10 times over the timeframe that I was working outside of the home. Then we bought a Ranchilio Silvia for making lattes and I gave up quitting! That was 9 years ago. If you are going to have a drug, coffee is not such a bad one. And if you are going to have a pusher, Bridgehead will have your back.

  3. The company I was telling you about last night is called Happy Goat Coffee Company- Pierre Richard is the owner, and he's going to be opening up in early October. Until then, he's custom roasting small batches and will brew you a siphoned coffee, which, as a coffee afficiando, is the best coffee I've ever had. His website isn't up yet, but I can send you the number.
    That said, I'm with you on the occasional switchover to tea, and am definitely due soon!

  4. I am a tea drinker, or used to be. I didn't start drinking coffee regularly until I was in my 30s. Now I think about that first cup before I go to bed at night. Sometimes I overdo it and then coffee and I break up for a bit, but we always get back together.

  5. I love coffee, it makes my day. Small pleasures!

    I have been drinking Planet Bean Coffee from Guelph lately, it's fair trade, organic and somewhat locally roasted. I'm really into their "Lava Java" right now...mmmm.

    www. planetbeancoffee.com

  6. Hello-

    This is what I invited you to...Happy Goat... WE are siphoning coffee tomorrow morning! I blogged about it today!