Thursday, May 6, 2010

Environmentally Conscious Tomatoes

The other day I was buying some veggies and fruit from my local grocer, and I opted for the only Ontario-grown tomatoes available (greenhouse-grown). When I got home, I noticed that there was a cute little tag on my pretty red fruits telling me I made an eco-friendly decision. Has anyone ever seen these tags? This makes me want to know more about who's behind these tags. I also want to know more about greenhouse grown veggies and fruit! So, the research begins! If anyone has any links I should check out, please comment :)


  1. I read an article and heard a debate about it a little while back. L'Institut Économique de Montréal came out with a study ( )
    that says that buying local is not always the best option when, for example, the local product (tomatoes being an example) is grown in greenhouses during the middle of winter. Equiterre contests that but I still find it interesting to think about, specially that the greenhouses of Savoura tomatoes in Quebec use biogaz, so they use waste to run their greenhouses.

  2. Interesting...I will have to look into this more!