Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Compost Party!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon helping out my pals at Vegetable Patch. I guess you could say we had a bit of a compost party! With shovels in hand and wheelbarrows a plenty, we got to work building our own mini mountain ranges of fertile compost in the landowners' gardens.

Pretty soon these gardens will be raked and planted with lots of veggies for CSA shareholders, farmers' market customers and landowners alike, but for now they are simply compost.

A little hard work never hurt anyone, and I really enjoyed helping out Jesse and his team. If you missed last summer's story on Vegetable Patch you can check it out here:

A Morning in the Garden with Vegetable Patch's Jesse Payne

For now, enjoy the photos from my day of urban gardening, one of many to come I'm sure! With my girly pink gardening gloves, "Old Faithful" (the duct-taped shovel on its last legs that worked like a charm), new friends and a beautiful sunny day, I'd say it was a success!

At the first garden site, we moved around 5 tonnes of compost (correct me if I'm remembering that wrong, Veggie Patchers!), and then we moved on to pile #2. In this neighbourhood there were four homeowners who are participating in the Vegetable Patch program, and I can't get over the size of their yards! Some are quite beautiful with flowers and benches and other garden cuteness, but they all made room for a large vegetable patch. I look forward to seeing them develop and grow throughout the season!

Vegetable Patch Team (L to R): Jesse, Genevieve, Kirsten

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