Monday, April 5, 2010

Wine Geek Alert!

I recently found this very cool website, Cork'd, where you can join a community of other wine geeks and review wines online! It's a free site run by Gary Vaynerchuk at WineLibraryTV, and it follows suit with his unpretentious, fun way of sharing information about wine. At times Gary can seem a tad over the top, but he just has so much passion for wine -- it's contagious!

By being a member of Cork'd, you can build a virtual wine cellar, review your favourite wines and learn more about grapes. The interactive nature of the site also allows you to connect with "drinking buddies" to share your wine experiences. This is a great way to read wine reviews that were written by peers rather than wine experts, which I think can sometimes give you a better idea of whether you'll like a wine or not. However, everyone's palate is different, so reviews can only go so far at times!

I look forward to reviewing more wines on Cork'd and learning more as I go...if you join, make sure to pull up a chair at my harvest table and we can share a bottle :)

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