Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I'm Reading: Locavore by Sarah Elton

I just finished Sarah Elton's book, Locavore, and tomorrow I'll be attending a talk she's giving as part of the Ottawa International Writers Festival (OIWF). The event is taking place tomorrow (April 22nd) at 12 noon at The Library and Archives Canada at 395 Wellington. Part of the Earth Day programming, this talk about her book and the local, sustainable food movement throughout Canada should be informative and engaging! I will be sure to report on the event after the fact, or you can check out my blog page on the OIWF's website.

For those of us used to reading mostly Michael Pollan books, or those of us who have recently viewed Food Inc., Sarah Elton's book is a welcome glimpse of Canada's food system. Providing a hopeful vision of our food future, Elton walks the line between facts and personal stories, focusing heavily on her encounters with local farmers and food producers across the country.

In my opinion, this is a great starter book for someone just beginning to investigate the origins of their food. After reading this book, I wished I could set out on a road trip of my own to visit all of the farmers and food producers she met!

You can still meet farmers and food producers in your local area and keep the discussion going about where your food comes from -- start at the farmers' market! I'm sure if it hasn't opened already, your local market is set to open soon, and what better place to strike up a chat about what's fresh and seasonal?

Happy local eating!

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