Friday, April 2, 2010

Vegan Cheese Pt. 2

You might remember my first experiment with vegan cheese, where I dared to go where no cheeselover would and attempted to persuade myself that vegan cheese wasn't all that different from real cheese. Since then a friend told me that the cheese actually did taste good on its own (without being melted), so I thought I'd give it a go. This time I opted for the Cheddar variety, wishing and hoping it would have more flavour than the Mozzarella style I tried earlier.

There was not a cracker in the house, so I took the challenge head on and sliced some cheese to be eaten alone. But wait! I had a bottle of wine on hand, an economical favourite. This would indeed be an interesting wine and "cheese" pairing, but I also figured this wine could make anything taste better.

As I smelled the cheese it had a cheddar-like aroma, but more of the packaged mac and cheese variety, rather than the real thing. The moment of truth arrived -- I tasted the cheese, took a big gulp of wine and crossed my fingers. I then tasted another few bites, sans-wine, to get the full effect. I really wanted to like this vegan cheese, it was all part of my master plan to take my food choices to a new level of consciousness.

Alas, the experiment failed. The taste was a bit unsavoury and the consistency was quite rubbery. It was quite sad really -- I wished that vegan cheese and I could have been friends. But as they say, it just wasn't meant to be. I continue to try to make healthier, more conscious food choices, but I'm afraid vegan cheese won't get to join the party. I guess I just love cheese too much! Speaking of which, I saw a nice hunk of gouda in the fridge...


  1. I'm a vegetarian and even I don't like the stuff. It's fine melted in an eggplant parm, but otherwise, if I want to eat cheese, I eat goat, sheep or Water Buffalo cheese. It's good stuff and not entirely unhealthy. The hardest part with vegan cheese is it looks like cheese but a person can't expect it to taste like cheese, if they really want to give it a fair shot. But like I said, that's tough, given its appearance.

  2. It was definitely an interesting learning experience, Tiffany! You're right about the goat's milk & sheep's milk cheeses, and there are a lot of great ones out there. Fifth Town makes some great cheeses, have you tried those?
    Thanks for commenting :)