Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vanilla Extract Success!

You may remember that back in February I received some vanilla beans as a gift, and decided to make my own vanilla extract. The experiment required 8 weeks of patience, but today the day has finally come! If you missed my former post, you can read about it here.



This morning I checked the calendar and realized the magic vanilla hour was upon me! I opened up the cupboard in the kitchen and rescued my vanilla bottle from its dark hibernation. At first it looked a bit lighter in colour than what I'm used to seeing, but once I lifted the lid and took a whiff, an amazing aroma of pure vanilla came over me!

I will continue to share any recipes I decide to make using my homemade vanilla, so stay tuned! Ah, now back to take another whiff...


  1. so great to hear this worked for you! I have some vanilla beans at home and want to do the same thing. You've inspired me! :)