Sunday, April 25, 2010

Signature Drinks: Regular Joes and Restaurant Pros

Last week I started a new series called Signature Drinks: Regular Joes and Restaurant Pros, which will share with you the favourite cocktails and signature drinks of people in and out of the culinary trade.

That being said, allow me to introduce to you our first "Restaurant Pro". Jose Rosales Lopez is a Sous Chef currently living in Vancouver. I met Jose a while back while I was working at Gilead Cafe, and he is definitely a talented Chef with a great balance of professionalism and personality! I remember many a Sunday that I enjoyed a delicious frittata made by Chef Jose, and he also makes a mean guacamole.

When it comes to cocktails, Jose prefers something simple and refreshing:

"My favorite drink would have to be a plain old Vodka Tonic. It's simple I know, but it's so crisp and refreshing after a long night's work. It reminds me of nights out with friends watching comedy shows and general good times. A shot of Absolut with a wedge of lime and I'm one happy camper."

image via flickr user How happy is your happy hour?

With the weather warming up I'm sure some of us will be looking for fun and unique cocktails to sip on patios, however sometimes a simple cocktail can do the trick.

Up next in this signature drinks series: a photographer shares his recipe for the perfect South Coast Margarita...stay tuned!

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