Friday, April 16, 2010

Signature Drinks: Regular Joes and Restaurant Pros

It's Friday, everyone! A perfect day to kick off a new series I've been working on... Signature Drinks: Regular Joes and Restaurant Pros! In this series I'll be sharing with you the signature drinks and favourite summer cocktails of some fabulous people: some are in the restaurant trade, and others are not. They all enjoy a good cocktail though, and I'm happy to share their preferences and special recipes with all of you! Cheers!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to our first "Regular Joe", although really, she's anything but regular! Meet Briana Buckmaster, an actress and beauty blogger based in Vancouver, B.C.

Briana's blog is called City Cinders (short for City Cinderella) and on her blog she shares her expertise as a makeup artist as well as other great fashion and beauty tips, sprinkled with a good amount of sassy humour and pop culture influence. Currently she is rehearsing an new improv show with Vancouver TheatreSports called Impro-Musical!

Not surprisingly, Briana's favourite drink is just as fabulous as she is: Champagne.

photo via Flickr user Styggiti

"My favorite drink would still have to be a big ol' glass of Champers. I'll take the cheap stuff if it's around. My girlfriends and I used to go to bars and order bottles of it just to feel fancy! It has such a celebratory nature with the sparkly bubbles and all. My favorite these days? Blason De Bourgogne, Crémant Brut Reserve. Yummers!"

City Cinderella
City Cinders Blog
City Cinderella on Twitter

Many thanks to Briana and make sure to stay tuned to After the Harvest for more signature drinks! Up next: a Sous Chef with a penchant for a refreshing cocktail...

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  1. Awesome idea for a series of posts! I can't wait for the next one.