Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sarah Elton Talks Local, Sustainable Food at Writersfest

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weather, or are out and about attending some fabulous spring events! Speaking of events, I went to hear Sarah Elton talk about her book, Locavore, the other day as part of the Ottawa International Writers Festival. If you'd like to read my recap of Ms. Elton's talk, head over to my page on their discussion board! (I apologize in advance for the spacing issues -- something is getting lost in the formatting when I'm posting to their site).

In a nutshell, Sarah did a great job of discussing the local food movement and sharing some of the stories she also writes about in her book. I recommend you pick this book up and take a trip across the country with Sarah as she tries to discover where her food comes from. I was lucky enough to meet Sarah briefly and she was very gracious and agreed to pose for a photo:

You can also follow Sarah on her blog, The Locavore.


  1. Great write up on Locavore! Are you planning to attend Raj Patel's talk on May 31st?

  2. Yes, I plan to attend Raj Patel's talk! Looking forward to it :)