Monday, April 26, 2010

Le Cendrillon: A Serious Cheese

On the weekend I discovered Serious Cheese, a cute little cheese store near Bank & Sunnyside. I was really on the hunt for some mozzarella for my pizza later that night, but I spied Le Cendrillon in the cheese case and I had to try it! You might have noticed last summer that Le Cendrillon was extremely hard to find since it won Best Cheese in the World at the 2009 World Cheese Awards. Not bad for a little goat cheese from Quebec! I had actually forgotten about it until I saw it, so I asked the Cheesemonger his opinion. He mentioned that back in its prime when it had just won the award, that batch had a gorgeous taste, but now that it is being mass-produced in larger batches, the intensity of taste has waned.

Le Cendrillon (French for Cinderella) is a "vegetable ash covered cheese with a marble textured rind and a smooth ivory body; acidulous, semi-strong taste that becomes more pronounced with age" (description from producer Alexis de Portneuf's website)Also on their website they suggest you pair it with a white wine from the Loire Valley, France. I'll have to try that!

My own experience tasting the cheese was definitely satisfactory. Not overly rich tasting (perhaps because of the larger batch), it was still a nice tasting goat cheese and I think it would be even more delicious with that wine recommendation. Not usually a sucker for marketing, I really enjoyed the little saying on the inside of the cardboard packaging:

Alexis de Portneuf also makes cheese gems such as Paillot de Chevre, La Sauvagine (another award-winner at the 2006 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix), and Bleubry (also an award winner, 2006 Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair). I recommend you also check out Alexis de Portneuf's wine, cheese, bread and beer pairing guide on their website -- I love added value like this!

What cheeses are you enjoying these days?


  1. I got sucked in too by the marketing this time. I was a bit disapointed though. I much prefer the St-Marcellin, as far as goat cheeses go, but Alexis de Portneuf's Sauvagine... My God! I could eat this all day. I'll have to try the other ones too.

  2. Melodie -- I will have to try the St.-Marcellin! Yes, La Sauvagine is basically heaven in a cheese...just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

  3. A former colleague just informed me that Alexis de Portneuf is actually owned by Saputo, an international company that uses milk solids from other countries in their cheeses! Just when you think a cheese is made by local artisans, you read something like this: