Monday, April 12, 2010

Help After the Harvest Save a Seed!

As some of you may know, I also write for a lovely positivity blog called SuperForest! Recently the SuperForest community achieved an amazing feat in raising $3000 to save a seed species for the Kew Gardens' Millennium Seed Bank Project! We called it the Save a Seed Coalition, and many happily donated to help save a seed :)

Kew Gardens is a Royal Botanical Garden based in England, and they are working with countries all over the world with their Millennium Seed Bank Project to save plant species from extinction. So far they have banked 10% of the world's wild plant species and it is their goal to get to 25% by 2020.

<< Click to watch a short video about Kew's work >>

Why is After the Harvest getting involved? Seeds are the basis of so much of our food! They grow into fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and so much more! Plants are the lifeblood of our world, giving us the air we breathe, medicinal benefits and the food we eat.

So, it is my goal here at After the Harvest to save a seed!

With your help I believe I can achieve this goal -- any amount is gratefully accepted and please spread the word about this endeavour.

All you have to do is click on the cute little seed to your left (expertly drawn by my pal Jackson)

Special thanks go out to Patricia for discovering this project in the beginning!

For more information on Kew Gardens' Millennium Seed Bank Project, click here.

For more information on SuperForest and our Seed-Saving Success, click here!

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  1. The total is up to $20! (my own donation) The donations are completely secure and are done through PayPal. Thanks in advance for helping me make a difference!