Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wine Gadgets

You know you're a wine geek get excited about new wine gadgets! I recently received a couple of interesting wine accessories and I thought I'd try them out. The first is a wine spout from Malivoire that I must have picked up at a wine show, so I thought I'd see how it works. I noticed on the packaging that it said "Waste Not".

Was this meant to tell us to reuse the wine spout? It seems to be made of a shiny silver paper, and I did wash it off for future use. However, I thought to myself, "It would be less of a waste if you just bought an actual wine spout, no?"

Then I thought, perhaps the "waste not" slogan was meant to convey that you won't waste a drop if you use this custom wine spout. Whatever the intended message was, I tried it out and it poured really well. So well it didn't waste a drop. I suppose it was merely a marketing idea for something interactive to take home and remember Malivoire wine.

The second gadget I received from a friend,and it's called Genie in a Bottle. It's essentially a wine stopper, but it is supposed to fit any sized bottle, and it's in the form of a cute genie! Who doesn't love that?

The genie fit nicely in the bottle, and is definitely a cute party favour! Have you found any interesting wine gadgets lately?

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