Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who doesn't love birthday cake? I love looking at birthday cakes, and I love ice cream cake, but I'm just not a big cake person. They just always look so much better than they taste, in my own experience anyway. I guess you could say I'm more of a pie lover. Anything that has a big scoop of ice cream alongside it is more my style. My birthday's around the corner and I've been trying to find some less-sugary desserts I could enjoy, but that doesn't mean I can't still appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted birthday cake, right? Thus: the cakes, for your viewing pleasure.

minimalist deliciousness

splendidly ornate

flower power

Or, you could always wear your cake instead of eating it:

Also, who can forget Charm City Cakes when mentioning artful, gorgeous cakes? Duff and his crew can really craft some fine pieces of edible art.

Cakes can really be made into anything these days! While searching for photos I saw a lot of Twilight cakes and Apple cakes:

I'm sure I'll cheat a little on the big day and get into that ice can I resist? Wish we had a Greg's here in Ottawa...
*Photos of cakes all via Flickr users: kimkeough, QuintanaRoo, army.arch, Loretta_Red, laurinapastina and superlinds.

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  1. Those are some beautiful cakes! Like you, I prefer pie. Thanks for sharing and reminding me, that I am not the only person that prefers pie to cake.