Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Literary Snack

A while ago I posted a few pieces of fiction on After the Harvest, introducing the literary snack. It's a bit of light reading, a word snack if you will, that you can enjoy while sipping your favourite beverage or simply as a break from perusing the web for the latest news on Conan, or from spending countless hours fertilizing crops on your farm.

Today's snack is a little ditty I wrote in my university days -- it's part of a group of character sketches I put together in my own attempt to have a Carrie Bradshaw moment. I hope you enjoy this little bit of fun -- and it does, (as many of them do), reference some sort of food or beverage -- what else is new?

One day, while sipping a double Americano in an overly-trendy coffee shop on campus, I spotted Marcus. He was sitting in the corner, clad in black and denim blue, immersed in his writing and probably on his 5th cup of black coffee. He was one of those guys who drank lots of coffee during the day and chose cheap beer or a stiff shot of whiskey at night. He was constantly reading, writing, playing music or breaking girls' hearts. He took himself way too seriously, no doubt idolized Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac and was the only person in English class able to actually make informed statements on The Wasteland. Never at a loss for a cigarette or a poetic word for an eager college girl, Marcus knew how to work that bad boy image, so it didn’t surprise me when he showed up at the campus Halloween event dressed as James Dean. I never really did get to know Marcus that well, but I suppose the mysterious musician from your college days is supposed to remain just that: a mystery.

*photo via dogmilque on Flickr

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