Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Doggie Bag is Green

The other day I got my Greentainer in the mail from TakeOutWithOut -- they were running a contest, and I was one of the lucky recipients. What's a greentainer, you ask? Well, it's essentially like tupperware, but it's made of stainless steel and it has two sections so you can store different foods without mixing them. They have a few different sizes and some other products, but for now I will be using the large greentainer.

A greentainer doesn't just take the place of tupperware, it is also an essential tool when going out for dinner, buying your lunch or even grabbing a bagel. Instead of taking that waxy bagel bag, styrofoam or plastic to-go container, why not bring your greentainer along and have them fill it up? Whether you're getting takeout or just can't finish your meal, the greentainer will help reduce waste that the cafe or restaurant might have used instead. The greentainer is even a better alternative to biodegradable or recyclable takeout containers. You just wash it and reuse. This is where TakeOutWithOut comes in. Their philosophy is:

  • Refuse Unnecessary Stuff
  • Retake Your Own Reusables
  • Reconsider Your Own Habits

You can learn more about TakeOut WithOut by visiting their blog and website. To get your own greentainer, you can do so here.

Whether you use traditional tupperware or a greentainer, it still helps the environment to bring your own reusable container for takeout foods and "doggie bags". So let's all take the reusable coffee mug to the next level, and carry a greentainer in our purses, our cars, our bags, wherever we go. You can even take it further by bringing reusable cutlery and glass straws. I've also heard of some people bringing their own stainless steel wine glasses to events! Now there's an idea...


  1. Great post Heather! I think if everyone realizes that everything sounds odd, inconvenient or silly until it becomes part of their new routine, they may try soemthing new! We don't leave home without bags with flat bottoms that are washable!!( - also their baggies), our Klean Kanteens (insulated ones too if for tea, coffee or hot chocolate) and even a Laptop Lunch Bento Box which is good for anything prepared! We used to remember 20% of the time if we were lucky, but now it just is our regular practice and even our 3 children do it. And, instead of people staring in disbelief all of the time, many are inspired and take the time to tell us how smart that is! Trendsetting redefined! Now if we can remember to take our glass drinking straws....

  2. Way to be a pioneer and fantastically conscious. I, too, won a greentainer from TOWO and wait with great anticipation to use it, though mine has not come in the mail yet. Is it as cool as I believe it to be? Do not tell me, I wish to be suprised. Thank you for being so ambitious in creating the new world you wish to be a part of and that I wish to be a part of as well.

  3. Thanks Lisa & Anthony -- I am feeling the greentainer love! I was thinking I might go get some Pho today and put it in my brand new greentainer! Yum! Like you said, Lisa, as soon as things become part of our routine, it's amazing how much we can affect change without even realizing it. Have a great Sunday!