Friday, January 15, 2010

Homemade Raspberry Yogurt and Fresh Coffee

Last night I decide to hang my yogurt for a nostalgic breakfast today. I used to work in a lovely cafe, where a nightly task was hanging the yogurt for the next day, so it would separate from the whey and create a creamy, beautiful result. We would then mix it with homemade preserves, top with granola, hazelnuts and honey. So, I decided to launch my own small-scale version.

I started with the closest thing I had to a sieve: my 1970s style bright yellow strainer. First insert a coffee filter into the strainer, then rest it on top of a deep vessel of some sort (oddly enough, my Hoegaarden glass was the perfect choice).

Next, pour the yogurt into the coffee filter. Cover with plastic wrap (I really could have used a tea towel for a more eco-friendly solution, but old habits die hard!)Put the yogurt into the fridge overnight.

In the morning, you will see that the whey from the yogurt has collected in the bottom of the glass. Put this aside in case you need to thin out the yogurt when mixing.

Grab a bowl and flip the coffee filter over to release the yogurt. Add fresh preserves or fruit puree (I pureed my thawed frozen raspberries).

Whisk together until mixed. Then add some honey for sweetness.

Since I was lacking Bruce's delicious granola and toasted hazelnuts, I had to make due with Fibre One Honey Clusters, but it was still tasty!

Serve it up with some fresh coffee and voila -- a delicious breakfast! Have a good weekend, everyone!

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