Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Wine Gifting

Happy Holidays everyone! I can't believe it's almost Christmas -- where did the time go? The time of year where you break out the parka, seek out unique gifts, and attend holiday parties! For the many holiday parties ahead, I thought I'd suggest some wines that you could bring along to the host or hostess, depending on the person, of course! There will most likely be a few posts like this, but for now I'll just suggest a few to get you started.

For the "Greenie" in your life:

Go for an organic wine. My pick is Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon. Currently $18.95 at the LCBO, it is made in California, and would go well either with steak or mushrooms -- keeping in mind your eco-friendly host might be a vegetarian.

For the "Wino" in the group:

For the person who seems to be the authority on wine in your circle of friends, I suggest gifting a unique sparkling wine, such as Henry of Pelham's Cuvee Catherine Rose Brut, N.V. Priced at $29.95 at Winery to Home, this sparkling is not only local, but it's also fruity and toasty and is named after the matriarch of the Pelham family.

For the host who likes seafood:

Sometimes it's helpful to think about what foods the host likes to eat, and go from there. Case in point, a host who loves seafood will adore this light, crisp Vinho Verde -- Sogrape Gazela. A Portuguese wine with a great pricetag of $8.95 at the LCBO, you can't go wrong with this one. Interestingly enough, I have noticed that the neck on the bottle is quite small, so you might be challenged with a wine stopper, that is if you don't finish the bottle!

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions, there will be more to come! Like I've said many times before, I am no wine expert, but I hope to impart the bit of knowledge and experience I've picked up along the way to willing readers.

Have fun at your holiday parties,

All photos via Flickr: JollyGreenGirl, IntangibleArts, alykat

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