Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Wine Gifting Part 2

I attended some holiday parties on the weekend and they were fantastic! Catching up with old friends, fabulous food and wine, and festive holiday decorations everywhere! I thought I'd suggest some more wines that you can bring to the brave souls who are hosting these events over the festive season:

For the "fashionista" in your life:

We all know them and love them -- the people in our lives who consider shopping to be a sport. They are always one step ahead of the trends, and perpetually looking fabulous, even in their gym clothes on laundry day. For this fashion conscious lady or dude, may I suggest some trendy wines, and of course, some bubbly! I wouldn't normally suggest wines based on their labels, but sometimes it can be fun to gift these wines, and you might end up liking them, you never know...

  • Girls Night Out Merlot-- a Canadian wine with a cute label, $12.95 at Winery to Home
  • Fresita-- Sparkling wine flavoured with strawberries from Patagonia, Chile, $13.95 at LCBO -- often a seasonal product, so grab it while you can!
  • Strut Wines Chardonista-- a Chardonnay from the Niagara Peninsula, $11,95 at Wine Rack.

For the host with the rich palate:

Do you know someone with a rich palate? When I say rich I'm not talking about someone who can afford caviar and truffles, what I mean is the person in the group who loves rich flavours. You know, the one who almost always orders pasta in a cream sauce, the cheese-lover who has a penchant for triple fudge brownies and everything covered in pastry. The friend or family member who probably considers butter to be its own food group. For this individual I would suggest an oaky, buttery Chardonnay or a rich, plummy Merlot. My top picks would be:

  • J. Lohr Chardonnay--a rich, oaky Chardonnay for those California-loving wine aficionados.
  • Barefoot Merlot--a fruit-forward, rich Merlot with a fantastic pricetag of $9.95 at LCBO.

For the man who loves to grill:

For the guy in your life who loves his barbecue more than anything, why not pick up some wines that would go well with a succulent steak, a juicy burger or even a grilled pizza! I'm confident these choices will impress not only the master of the grill, but his grateful recipients of grilled goodness:

  • Casillero del Diablo Carmenere--I've never gone wrong bringing this wine to a party. It's a great match for steak or anything barbecued!
  • Cave Spring Chardonnay Musque--a bright white that would make any party better!$15.95at LCBO.
  • Malivoire Ladybug Rose--A rose I think even a man's man would enjoy. Great with grilled fish!

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions and that your holiday wine gifting has become that much easier to manage.

Happy Holidays everyone!

*Photos via Flickr: ChrisHlady, Retrofurs, clowerbrown, ThaddeusGriffin

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  1. loving these suggestions and the fun mood they put me into.....now to the store!