Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweetness and Light: My Weekend of Desserts

I've never really had a sweet tooth. Although I do have a bit of an unhealthy relationship with ice cream, I'm much more of a salty snacker. This weekend, however, my tastebuds were tempted and I indulged in some desserts. First up were a duo of birthday cakes: good ol' chocolate cake and strawberry flan.

This brought up a lively discussion of whether it's "flohn" or "flahn", and whether or not it was actually a flan, or a strawberry shortcake disguised as one. Needless to say, it was scrumptious. As for the chocolate cake, I didn't partake, but it was enjoyed by all and was decorated with cute little pink presents.

Finally, I enjoyed a chocolate mousse cake at a wedding that was equally as sweet. It was light and creamy, and decorated delightfully a propos of the occasion. Who doesn't love those little hearts?

So, it was a decadent weekend, and I'm cleansing with lots of fruit and water to make up for it, but who knows when the sweets will call my name next. If I've tempted your sweet tooth, go ahead and grab that Ben & Jerry's from the freezer, nobody's looking....

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  1. I can't believe I also sampled all 3 of those cakes...and in one weekend. Yikes! Back to the gym...