Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Literary Snack

The exercise was to write 500 words or less that related in some way to a found postcard. I, of course, ended up choosing another postcard that had something to do with food...

Blue Rare

“Is the beef grass-fed?” Paul asked, while meticulously moving his glass of water to its rightful place – top right, diagonal to the knife. “I can’t believe the service in this place,” he muttered over his shoulder to the young couple at the table behind him. Paul had come here to attempt to enjoy some lunch and pour over the latest copy of his novel. “Tweak chapter four,” his publisher had flippantly remarked, “it’s too depressing.” Paul hated his publisher. Things hadn’t been the same since the divorce, and his writing had been his only refuge, a place of his own where only he called the shots. The waiter brought his lunch, a cut of beef so rare it would make a vegan faint. The accompanying asparagus was grilled, not steamed, as he had expressly mentioned to the dimwitted waiter. He couldn’t believe the kid got it right. Paul dutifully folded his napkin in his lap and picked up the sharp knife. As he raised the beef to his lips, he paused briefly as he noticed a spot on the table cloth, a flaw in the pure white fabric. Paul neatly put the knife down and snapped his fingers. “Waiter!”

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