Monday, October 26, 2009

Literary Snack

The exercise was to write 500 words or less that related in some way to a found postcard. I, of course, ended up choosing a postcard that had something to do with food...

Montmorency Cherries

Her first taste of the season was both sweet and sour. As she bit into the tart, juicy fruit, she thought about the previous winter and the day she met him. How he helped her up after a fall at the local ice rink. How he’d tied her skates a bit too tight, but held her red mitten hand the rest of the snowy afternoon. The cherries were ripe for the picking and summer seemed just around the corner. Memories flashed in her mind of their first date and how he asked the man to play her favourite record over and over, well into the clear Niagara night. Her basket was full, almost enough for a pie. The last time she saw him, he pressed a note into her hand before boarding the train for Toronto. “Tomorrow, then” is all it said, and she headed home, stomach empty, heart full. She bit into a bad one and winced a little. She heard later that he’d taken up with a city girl, but she always wondered if he’d return in time for the harvest.

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