Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on Harvest Time Game and its Creator

After my post about the cooperative game Harvest Time, I struck up an email correspondence with its creator, Jim Deacove. Now in his 70s, Jim and his wife Ruth are still enjoying the fruits and veggies of their labour, and the family business is still churning out cooperative games. If you're interested in purchasing any games, simply email and request a catalog.

Jim was a little camera shy, so respecting his privacy I agreed to chat with him over email. He told me they also have a Farmers' Market game based on the Perth Farmers' Market and that my Harvest Time game is now a collector's item.

Even now, Jim and Ruth are still avid organic gardeners, but it all started forty years ago:

"We were part of the back to the land wave some forty years ago. This farm was abandoned when we came here from Manitoba. It has provided us with vegetables, fruit, herbs and the pleasure of beautiful scenery and inspiring creatures of all kinds."

Jim gave a positive report on this summer's progress on the farm:

"Rain and compost have worked miracles this year along with an electric fence I installed to keep out raccoons, deer, groundhogs, rabbits, chipmunks.We had to send our grandson climbing up the sunflower stalk to place a warning light for low flying aircraft."

Although Jim is "Getting close to hanging up (his) spade, hoe and basket", he and Ruth still enjoy their farm and the bounty it produces. Apparently they are into canning as well as they are ready for the winter months:

"2010 may be coming very soon, but we are ready with pickles,
salsa, potatoes, herbs, dried fruit, fresh pure water, wood for the stove and a toboggan for recreation."

What an amazing example of art imitating life, as Jim has created a game that mirrors his own annual farming experiences. After all these years there still seems to be a lot of love on the Deacove farm:

"Ah, one of Ruth's fresh tomatoes is to die for."

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